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Beckett, Pavo y Mi Educación

Hi all –
I have been seriously weighing some of my different options for next quarter, and I’m growing increasingly interested in “Literature and the Cultural Politics of Democracy in Brazil and Chile”, but I’m conflicted. There’s a demand from the class for a very immersive experience that I don’t know I can meet with my current commitments. But, it’s organized (here’s the website), upfront, and full things that are of interest to me – what to do?
I’m debating it over this break, by reading parts of the winter reading for the course, and thinking about what sort of schedule I might want next quarter. Then, it’s back for two weeks of very busy, very exciting activity – helping with a student election, putting together a 50-page manuscript, a 10-page essay, a tutor portfolio, registering for winter, and yakkin’ ’bout Beckett. I’ll probably be back in Austin towards the end of eval week, around the 17th or 18th. K and I’ve discussed it more, and we’re envisioning this for the end of winter break – I fly up to Seattle on 30 December, we hightail it to Bellingham on the 31st and spend a few days there before getting back to Olympia (by Seattle) for classes on the 4th: But what class am I taking? Where is this going?
Well, hopefully somewhere con Español.


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On A Whim

I added myself back into the world of today. I’m al_batross on there (it’s a long story), and if you’re on there (or if you’re not), feel free to drop me a line.

Also, it’s my birthday today! I’m 19 now. I got a kitchenware set from my family, and a new hard drive! Exciting, yet practical – hopefully, this year can turn out like that too.

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I have a twitter account set up now. It might be more to my taste than this full-on blog, but we shall see. I sometimes get wordier than 140 characters allows after all, and sometimes I am willing to reflect on things for more than two seconds. Hopefully I’ll find ways to do that more here! But, the only way to do that is for me to write on here more often. So, here I am, telling you, the imaginary reader, about my Twitter account!

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Twitter Updates