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A Reading Plan

The quarter has been busy, and highly rewarding – and now for a spring break!

I’ve planned out a slight challenge. This spring break (20 – 28 March), I’ll try to read a book a day, and put up a short blurb about it as well. For example, later today I’ll hopefully have an initial reaction written up to Death and the Maiden.

Sat. March 20
Ariel Dorfman, Death and The Maiden

Sun. March 21
Luz Arce, The Inferno

Mon. March 22
Agustin Gomez-Arcos, The Carnivorous Lamb

Tues. March 23
Various, Through the Eyes of the Judged

Wed. March 24
Charles Norman, E.E. Cummings – Magic Maker

Thur. March 25
Mark Nowak & Amiri Baraka, Shut Up Shut Down

Fri. March 26
INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence, The Revolution Will Not Be Funded

Sat. March 27
Carter Wilson, Crazy February

Sun., March 28
Woody Allen, Mere Anarchy


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Books I Read in 2009

Here is a compiled list of the books I managed to read cover to cover in 2009, in a fairly chronological order. This is not a complete list, as I am certain that I have forgotten a work or two that will unfortunately not be marked.

This list is exciting for me – it was a new year’s resolution on my part to keep track of my book reading (partly inspired by this person), and I feel that this awareness has helped guide my literary and academic curiosities. I am, of course, disappointed that I couldn’t vault over the 100 books line I had set in my head – there’s always this year to attempt that again, though!

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¿Qué tal?

A little bit over a week later, and I haven’t made as much progress as i’d like to with school – strange how things seem to move out of focus when you’re not physically with them. Instead my books have been physically away from me and I’ve been getting all sorts of things done, with family and friends; prepping thoughtful labored gifts, reconnecting over divergent paths in art, and saying goodbye to the many people of Austin whom i might not see until this time next year.

prepping for a school time away has somehow become less big than looking at a summer away from here; maybe it’s that i’ll be finding a place to live or that i’ll be using Oly as a base for travel (to Detroit! and not Austin. Or it might simply be that a year is quite a bit longer when there’s no way to segment it down and say “it’ll be fine, i’ll see you in three months”. we’re speaking about 52 weeks now, instead of 8, maybe 20. it also makes honest in chrono- and psycho- sense what geographically was already becoming apparent to many: i’m moving away from Austin, and that’s something that even seeing many of my austinite friends and family in a year won’t shake; there’s a permanent change coming that i’m terrified that i’m actually capable of and ready for. i won’t be an austinite returning at the end of 2010, most likely. i’ll be a friend and a relative, yes, but i’ll also be a visitor, have lost my local eyes and connections.

lots of questions arise out of this prophecy i give myself. will it come to pass? will i be an olympian by then? who will i be in a year? but, there’s time for all of these to answer themselves. for now, i have some books to talk about in a week at school, a plane ticket to meet, and some people to give very large hugs to in the next few days.

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How to Be Busy, How to Stay Busy

It is now the middle of Week 7 of fall quarter at Evergreen, and I haven’t written anything directly reflective since before I got on a plane towards Olympia. How has this happened? What changed this quarter, compared to the spring?

Well, to begin, I believe a little thing called summer occurred – I didn’t hold myself to any sort of posting (or writing) schedule over those three months, and this blog’s scant activity reflected that. I suspect this related to the reality of who I felt that I’m writing this for: My family, who’s away, but I know would like to know what I’ve been able to find rewarding in both my education and my life, and (hopefully) many friends of mine. When I was living again with my family (knock that group off the list of “not knowing what I’m up to”, in other words), and when many of my pals were at a far remove, I somehow managed to forget them as an audience, perhaps because I was no longer seeing them daily. I’m sorry, folks. I’ve had some experiences recently that have illustrated to me how out of touch I’ve been with many of my close friends: I’m sorry I didn’t know until I was two weeks late, E, and I’m very happy for you J, and B.

But most of all, this quarter’s revealed how easy it is to lose contact with myself – something that I think reflective writing like this really does alleviate, and something I feel I wasn’t practicing enough of.  The largest appeal Evergreen has always had for me is its honesty, in some pockets of it as an institution, that everything that’s active in your life affects and contributes to your learning; something I almost tried to forget this quarter. Y’see, I’ve been busy. Really busy. So busy, I spent several weeks straight waking up, getting in one mindset for class, jumping out of it for the Geoduck Union, jumping out of that for the Writing Center, jumping out of that for a Slightly West (more on what these terms even mean at a later point) meeting, and slinking on home to essentially change bikes and develop a manuscript for an hour or two, and at some point eating and sleeping. The easiest coping mechanism for all this was to pretend, somehow, that these activities could be separate, merely because the people I saw at these different places and contexts didn’t show up elsewhere! I had taken myself out any awareness, or equation; in the process of doing so, I also took out my effectiveness, my energy, and my education. I was defeated, deteriorating, and delirious instead.

It took a few different things to jar me out of this rut, which I won’t go into right now. The importance of the matter is – this past weekend, I feel that I had an opportunity (which I took) to become re-centered, empowered in my learning; this change of feeling is going to require some reevaluation and change on my part for the coming quarter, and year, though. Think of this as my drafting out of possible New Year’s Resolutions, if you feel so obliged.

  1. I will not be in Logopoesis next quarter.
  2. I will be studying a language next quarter – Linguistic study gestures most closely at what I feel my aims in college are at this juncture.
  3. I will reevaluate commitments as they continue to develop – I am not tied down to anything, any longer than it is healthy for myself. An important feature of this is active reflection – I will post here frequently.
  4. My education is, and will continue to be, informed by a sense of the society and communities it is shaping and unveiling for me.
  5. Long lasting relationship- and community-building can surmount individual challenges.
  6. My life can have synergy. I can be renewed in heterogeneous efforts by finding the points of intersection.

But really, why must I talk so? It’s already been done in comics

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I’m in Austin again, and am sorting through things, including finding a job and unpacking (still). This blog’ll probably slow down, for a while at least.

It’s Bloomsday though! I’m trying Ulysses again this year… it didn’t go well last summer, but I’ve prepped a little more this time around. Photo 258I’m fresh off of reading Dubliners (perfectly timed for my plane rides, oddly), and since I made the expedition through the first 150 pages of Ulysses itself last summer, I feel like I can get further this time around.

The Austin library system is all checked out of Ulysses, so I bought a used copy.

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I haven’t any idea what I’m doing.

So clearly I’m not keeping quite up with this, regardless of my free time. I fell ill this week, but still, this is kinda lacking in updates, features, content, or anything even I find particularly interesting.

So, to figure out the main problems (I think there are 5), I’ll list ’em.

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A stab at posting

With the goal of updating in mind, here is what has been my day, in a nutshell:

  • Homework – We’ve been reading Sex & Temperament, by Margaret Mead √
  • Homework – Physics problems! √
  • Homework – Draft of a short essay (which might appear in this blog! √
  • Create an online profile for an in-class group √

I have free time on my hands daily, even on these sorts of homework-oriented days. Usually, I’ll just read, or browse more online. I’m a big comics fan, and I also enjoy the game Go quite a bit, but sometimes you run into other opportunities… I spent part of today reading some (many) of Cory Doctorow’s essays for Locus Magazine, conveniently archived. He’s a fairly inspiring author for me, I’ve been willing to try Linux, computer programming, writing a short story, valuing open source mentalities, and much more due to Cory’s work. Hence, this blog idea! This article has nothing to do with, well, anything concerning me, but it’s motivated me to do this blog.

I’m not sure if I’m going to share this with anyone yet. I’m not sure if this’ll be at all interesting in pursuing for even a while. But it’s very neat right now!

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Hello world!

print “Hello world!”

… This is a blog is intended to be a way to be updated on my life. I might post writings for assignments here, neat and crazy things I find, links to articles I read, or just general news about me, Trevor. I’m currently a freshman at The Evergreen State College, though you should probably already know that about me if you’ve made your way to my little blog.

Well, in all honesty, I just want a blog because it seems fun, and so I’m trying to find excuses to have one.

So, thanks if you read it, I don’t mind if you don’t!

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