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Seattle! Day 1

I landed last night for a few days with my best friend K in Seattle. I unfortunately cannot access the photos I’ve taken so far, because of some nice little connectors and cords that are waiting for me in Olympia. But, I can still talk to you about how it’s going!

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A Draft

I believe I have a draft of the manuscript finished. Here’s my working cover. More about the manuscript at a later point – I’m kinda very tired of it right now.

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Cultivating Voice – Written Reflections, Week 5

To help encourage conversation, and the habit of writing, my course on tutoring in the Writing Center has weekly reflections to share every week. I realized that this might be something worth sharing on this blog: it relays my experiences and thoughts about events in my life, which I suppose is the focus of this blog currently.

This isn’t due until next Monday (we meet weekly for two hours), but I’ll try to get this up while the class is still fresh on my mind. A note: this is a draft for the course, and will be addressing its audience as such.

Author’s Note: I took the article this week as a cue to do this how I wanted to. This is what came out of the writing session I had. It’s entitled, “my breast beats withall”


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Oly Arts Walk (XXXVIII)


C, N, and A having fun in Downtown Olympia

The seasonal Arts Walk came upon us last night in Olympia! I had a blast running around seeing folks, but I haven’t processed much yet – it was rather busy, exciting, and varied. It never felt like there was time to do something for more than half an hour – you were missing too many other things.


Metalworking makes results

We started by walking up Washington, where the street had already been blocked off. There was already tons going on, and plenty to see. Including an entire block of chalk art.


You could be walking on art too!

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Flaming Mango & Not Entirely Sure

My friends (all of Flaming Mango) had a concert with some of their friends (Not Entirely Sure) tonight, and I’m glad I got to go! It was a fun little night of ska, and I got to dance for quite some time. Fortunately, I took some time out to take some lo-res photos with my phone, and a large amount of time afterwards to fix ’em up for public viewing.


Flaming Mango members (left to right) Charlie, Noah, and Jeb


Some lo-res skanking with a friend right-center this blog is familiar with: C!

The concert took place in our Housing Community Center (HCC) on campus, and I’m happy it went well for everyone involved.


Part of Not Entirely Sure, and their dancing fans

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Portland Day 8 – Trip Home

Poor D had to wake up earlier than he had since we had to catch a train to get to Portland… Before leaving, C’s family saw us off with a trip to the New Deal cafe, for scrumptious oatmeal and fruit. It’s been a nice week in Portland, and C’s family is a blast.

The train went well! Not a whole lot to mention about the travel beyond that I got to read some more Infinite Jest; it’s a trip home. Another bus ride from the station to Olympia got D and I into town to run a few errands and have some food, which we found at a gourmet burger joint. The unfortunate part is, I can’t remember the name! So if anyone knows the name of the grill at 4th and Columbia in Olympia, please post it in the comments. Nice milkshakes, too.

The good ol’ 41 bus got us to Evergreen. It’s nice to be home.

This should wrap up my Portland trip, obviously. I don’t think I feel a need to do an overview post on the trip, the travel diary should more than suffice in terms of my egomaniacal self-reflection quota for quite a while. I’m not even sure what to do with this blog now! I’m sure the frequency of posts is going to drop, but I intend to keep it up – running essays by an audience, any audience, is usually better than myself. It helps me if I make things coherent enough for publication, essentially.

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Portland Day 6


Sculpture outside Portland Art Museum

I became a little more adventurous today. After the morning routine, C began to rise from slumber. She helped me look over a route to get to the museum (no one else was particularly interested), and off I went! Navigating alone in a city after approximately five days was interesting… I had a (text) chat with my friend J from Texas on the first bus. I was still a little foggy about which stop to get off at to transfer to the bus downtown; after realizing I had missed it, I got off deeper in the Hollywood district than I had planned.

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Portland Day 5

In a sequence of events that was easily foreseen, my mornings here have become routine. Wake up, read, check mail (find out about my friends’ spring breaks!), shower, breakfast, and Wii Fit fill up the hours before my friends arise. Today though it was thrown off, with the Wiimotes running out of batteries. I ended up reading more, and toying around a little on the Xbox B (C’s brother) brought with him. I also started in on the Orwell essay I posted this afternoon.

After C got around, we headed out to pick up another Xbox controller for some multiplayer fun later. We went over to the Hawthorne district; I was proud of myself for knowing the routes to it, I’m getting to know this town! C snagged a controller and some cheap games, we headed off for some bagels.

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Portland Day 4

Another relaxing morning, and 1984 “done” (I’m considering writing a small reflection on this blog about it so that I can gather some thoughts to refer to on the day of discussion in class, which is more than a week away still), and I was able to invest some reading time in Infinite Jest, my current pleasure/literature read. It’s very enjoyable, I’m about 275 pages in… and I’m not gonna describe the plot, because there’s too many! My bright reading future sank a little when I found a new update to my new class’s website about note-taking related to reading. The day after I finish the book, I find out that I’m to have what’s tantamount to a passage journal on it to “discover a way to interact with the text as you are reading it“, in order to critically read a text. I understand the intent behind this, but… I just finished the book! Darnit.

There was also more Wii Fit to be had (my exercise routine while here/time-killer as D slumbers in the mornin’), which held less surprises and laid out no new academic challenges (admittedly, I’ve done passage journals since freshman year of high school, so they’re hardly new and are rather inundated with my “critical” reading already(what reading shouldn’t be critical? (I suspect McCallum’s English Department is feeling oddly satisfied as I’m writing this))).

But! The tourism of the day hasn’t begun yet, and so I’ll nudge this into a travel narrative now.

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Portland Day 3

A quieter day, overall.


E in Holladay Park. The photo’s misleading, it was rainy, wet and cold!

I awoke in the morning to face the daunting task I had put off from an overextended night of donuts and friends the night before – summarizing the busier half of a busy day for you, my blog audience (blaudience?)! Nevertheless, I think I succeeded in being succint, and it led well into a breakfast of Raisin Bran, showering, and a round of quiet Wii Fit. If you’ve never had to mute a video game to do yoga exercises without waking a friend in the same room… well, I suppose that’s not exactly normal on my part!

We met C after her personal morning activities at Holladay Park in front of the Lloyd Center mall. I had some time, while freezing (though bundled up) and waiting, so I took some photos of a set of three sculptures by Ted Savinar.


The three pieces are collectively titled “Constellation”

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