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Recharged – Go Go Go!

And we’ve reached the end of a quarter – Today, I, for the first time in over 3 months, did not have anything pressing to do when I woke up. Naturally, things’ll get done this break, but damn it all, I plan to make Austin a vacation as well.

Also, I have time to publish and reflect on a number of things from over the quarter, and what’s coming in the near future. My winter readings shaping up to be enjoyable: a mix of school (Chilean and Brasilian history, with a Donoso novel in for the mix; this course is looking fantastic), comics (Comics Journal issues, Sam’s Strip, The Photographer and Asterios Polyp), and hopefully some headway into the always intimidating “to-read” stacks that tower at home for me.

Music? Oh yes, music.

Akwaaba Sem Transporte, Zombies For Money, Buraka Som Sistema… basically a very large kuduro kick, with all sorts of things taking me home.

And this post is all a buildup to something else: here’s a draft (possibly the final one I’ll touch) of the manuscript I produced over the quarter. I’ll leave the commentary to the work itself.

Poem & Errata


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September 19, 2009

It’s a later date than when I last posted here – a combination of my lack of summer break discipline, and a lack of breaking summer news has kept me from writing much at all; this, fortunately, did not bleed into other habits, and I did manage to feel productive at the end of this three-month venture back to Austin.

So, what all did I do, you might ask? Good question!

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The Gilliam Section’s “Solus”


I have family friends in San Antonio who made an album recently, entitled Solus. As one of the firstcustomers/listeners, I’m writing a review, and here’s the short of it – I enjoyed this record, and if you know drone, guitar loops, or ambient music, you will too. Solus is up now on CD Baby, and it’s worth the affordable purchase if you’d like a new album to study, relax, read, or just listen to.

Now here’s the long(er) review:

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Flaming Mango & Not Entirely Sure

My friends (all of Flaming Mango) had a concert with some of their friends (Not Entirely Sure) tonight, and I’m glad I got to go! It was a fun little night of ska, and I got to dance for quite some time. Fortunately, I took some time out to take some lo-res photos with my phone, and a large amount of time afterwards to fix ’em up for public viewing.


Flaming Mango members (left to right) Charlie, Noah, and Jeb


Some lo-res skanking with a friend right-center this blog is familiar with: C!

The concert took place in our Housing Community Center (HCC) on campus, and I’m happy it went well for everyone involved.


Part of Not Entirely Sure, and their dancing fans

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