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Artemisia Drank The Ashes of Mausolus

This is the second close-reading for the quarter. Sorry that it’s been about two weeks since I’ve written this, but I’m finally uploading it now. This is a piece concerning Pía Barros’ story, Artemisia.

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Books I Read in 2009

Here is a compiled list of the books I managed to read cover to cover in 2009, in a fairly chronological order. This is not a complete list, as I am certain that I have forgotten a work or two that will unfortunately not be marked.

This list is exciting for me – it was a new year’s resolution on my part to keep track of my book reading (partly inspired by this person), and I feel that this awareness has helped guide my literary and academic curiosities. I am, of course, disappointed that I couldn’t vault over the 100 books line I had set in my head – there’s always this year to attempt that again, though!

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A festa

Hello all! Included is my first paper for Literature and the Cultural Politics of Democracy, a close reading assignment. We were reading The Celebration (A Festa) by Îvan Angelo, a book centered around late ’60s Minas Gerais. I’ll be back on here in a few days to post the essay from this week (talking about a short story by Pía Barros) and also to get around to a wrap-up post of last year’s reading so I can start the 2010 linked list of books in the sidebar.


There is an interest in institutionality (e.g. the city, the state, the property) and its dialogues/formation through social networks that Ângelo explores in The Celebration. Explored here are nations in microcosm, the nation as personal identities.

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