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Seattle! Day 2

Happy New Year, folks! I promise to write more than just my travelogue as time permits – but time was not permitting today, it was quite fun and busy.

Homemade waffles for breakfast was followed by K, me, and her parents hoppin’ in a car and heading to a morning matinee of Men Who Stare At Goats – funny send-up, with some enjoyable characters from a varied ensemble. From there we (being in Queen Anne neighborhood) headed over to a McMenamin’s (unique franchise pub/restaurant mainly in historical sites in the NW) for lunch. K’s mom J wanted to try out the new light rail in Seattle, so we headed downtown to take a round trip ride that gave a wide view of Seattle (and some great murals – damn you, camera connectors!). In the evening, K and I, apparently unmovied out, saw Where The Wild Things Are at a discount cinema in Seattle; I enjoyed the film quite a bit, and connected to it in many ways. Having a simultaneous glimpse and full impact onto a world and social order you’re not confident that you’re fully a part of… been there. Feelings of frustrated confusion and loneliness over yourself (and not knowing yourself)… I think I got a lot more out of this film now than I might have before – it’s a good feeling to know you’re not stuck in the feelings you’re emphasizing with onscreen.

And here we are again, back at K’s abode, doing some reading, blogging, and prepping for another busy day! There’s actually only one more full day of Seattle, though, before I head south to Oly for the quarter. I’m doing reading for the first week in Literature and Cultural Politics of Democracy in Chile and Brazil currently – Chile: Literature of Hispanic Capitalism I finally worked through the tail end of on the plane flight here and State Repression and the Labors of Memory is on my mind (and bookmark) now.


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