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Seattle! Day 1

I landed last night for a few days with my best friend K in Seattle. I unfortunately cannot access the photos I’ve taken so far, because of some nice little connectors and cords that are waiting for me in Olympia. But, I can still talk to you about how it’s going!

We started the day with branana muffins (bran muffins with a dash of banana), and headed out to drop off some things K checked out from the library, before biking to downtown Seattle. We caught a bus to Georgetown, which is in southern, industrial Seattle, but is apparently developing a small, hip market and area. And… we found the Fantagraphics Bookstore! A Seattle-based publisher, Fantagraphics puts out THE best U.S. comics, and some quality international ones to boot.

After an hour of browsing fun, we hopped a bus back up towards downtown, and stopped off in Seattle’s Chinatown, and the Asian market/shopping center Uwajimaya: 5 different restaurants, a gigantic grocery store, and one of the neatest import bookstores I’ve ever seen (I promise there are photos). Now, after a little bit more transport on a rainy afternoon, we’re back home for showers and mochi-eating. This evening we’ll be spending our New Year’s Eve at a contra dance, though seeing as it starts at 8ish, we might crash before midnight!

I’m also going to try to have up a piece on here to take advantage of the year change as a time for reflection: how a year of blogging has been, how a year of keeping track of reading, and my first full calendar year as a college student.


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  1. Mom says:

    The Fantagraphics Bookstore….I’m shocked K could pull you away after just an hour! Sounds like a fun day. Love, Mom

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