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Seattle! Day 1

I landed last night for a few days with my best friend K in Seattle. I unfortunately cannot access the photos I’ve taken so far, because of some nice little connectors and cords that are waiting for me in Olympia. But, I can still talk to you about how it’s going!

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¿Qué tal?

A little bit over a week later, and I haven’t made as much progress as i’d like to with school – strange how things seem to move out of focus when you’re not physically with them. Instead my books have been physically away from me and I’ve been getting all sorts of things done, with family and friends; prepping thoughtful labored gifts, reconnecting over divergent paths in art, and saying goodbye to the many people of Austin whom i might not see until this time next year.

prepping for a school time away has somehow become less big than looking at a summer away from here; maybe it’s that i’ll be finding a place to live or that i’ll be using Oly as a base for travel (to Detroit! and not Austin. Or it might simply be that a year is quite a bit longer when there’s no way to segment it down and say “it’ll be fine, i’ll see you in three months”. we’re speaking about 52 weeks now, instead of 8, maybe 20. it also makes honest in chrono- and psycho- sense what geographically was already becoming apparent to many: i’m moving away from Austin, and that’s something that even seeing many of my austinite friends and family in a year won’t shake; there’s a permanent change coming that i’m terrified that i’m actually capable of and ready for. i won’t be an austinite returning at the end of 2010, most likely. i’ll be a friend and a relative, yes, but i’ll also be a visitor, have lost my local eyes and connections.

lots of questions arise out of this prophecy i give myself. will it come to pass? will i be an olympian by then? who will i be in a year? but, there’s time for all of these to answer themselves. for now, i have some books to talk about in a week at school, a plane ticket to meet, and some people to give very large hugs to in the next few days.

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Recharged – Go Go Go!

And we’ve reached the end of a quarter – Today, I, for the first time in over 3 months, did not have anything pressing to do when I woke up. Naturally, things’ll get done this break, but damn it all, I plan to make Austin a vacation as well.

Also, I have time to publish and reflect on a number of things from over the quarter, and what’s coming in the near future. My winter readings shaping up to be enjoyable: a mix of school (Chilean and Brasilian history, with a Donoso novel in for the mix; this course is looking fantastic), comics (Comics Journal issues, Sam’s Strip, The Photographer and Asterios Polyp), and hopefully some headway into the always intimidating “to-read” stacks that tower at home for me.

Music? Oh yes, music.

Akwaaba Sem Transporte, Zombies For Money, Buraka Som Sistema… basically a very large kuduro kick, with all sorts of things taking me home.

And this post is all a buildup to something else: here’s a draft (possibly the final one I’ll touch) of the manuscript I produced over the quarter. I’ll leave the commentary to the work itself.

Poem & Errata

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