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September 19, 2009

It’s a later date than when I last posted here – a combination of my lack of summer break discipline, and a lack of breaking summer news has kept me from writing much at all; this, fortunately, did not bleed into other habits, and I did manage to feel productive at the end of this three-month venture back to Austin.

So, what all did I do, you might ask? Good question!

Besides adding to the ever-growing booklist on your right (in brief, I finished Infinite Jest but not Ulysses, and found more and less time for other reading activities than I anticipated), I:

  • Successfully filed (no joke, no hyperbole) tens of thousands of film stills for the Harry Ransom Center’s film department. Thanks for the project, Steve!
  • Singlehandedly kept MonkeyWrench Books afloat and staffed the entire summer! Or maybe I came in a few afternoons a week and got to hang out, run the register, and read… Thanks, MW collective!
  • Had a lovely weeklong visit this past week from my best friend (full disclosure: also my girlfriend) Kelsey, before we both head back to Evergreen this week. Thanks, Spud!
  • Learned to cook way more, and started what I suspect will be a lifelong hobby of bread baking. Thanks, family!
  • Got introduced to more media than you can shake a stick out, and probably more than I could ever hope to process. Thanks, Austin, Twitter, RSS feeds, family, John, Adrian, musicians worldwide, url links, and Vulcan Video!

I feel nervous, but prepared, for the coming year – it’s going to be busy. I’m an intern at the Writing Center, a GSU rep, and a fulltime student (also, I have to manage to be a good chef, and want to continue being a wonderful housemate and boyfriend). Thank you, everyone, who has, is, or will, help me with this.


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2 Responses

  1. Mom says:

    Nice to see you back not missing a beat getting back into the blog…just one note – this is 2009. 🙂 It was a wonderful summer. Love, Mom

  2. Karen McGuire says:

    It’s nice to have an “editing” mom for your posts. Glad you made it back. Looks like a busy year ahead. Look forward to seeing you again at Christmas? – It will be here before you know it. Keep on keeping on…..Karen

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