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I’ve Been Reading

Unfortunately, but expectedly, Ulysses is taking a while to get through – a good sign is that I’m already further in than when I gave in last summer. But, I have settled back in to a summer in Austin, so I’ve developed a weekly sort of schedule. I’m volunteering at the Harry Ransom Center with their film collections – this currently means cataloging promotional stills from old 50s and 60s flicks, but we’ll see where it goes. I had the fun of discovering that the job market is dismal, especially when you’re only around for 3 months, so I’m taking what I can currently, and enjoying this volunteer gig.

I’ve been reading other things than Ulysses as well, as the column on your right shows, and I’ve been catching up with folks over plenty of music, movies, and board games. There’s not much else to say right now, but I’m sure I can update a little more as the summer continues.


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I’m in Austin again, and am sorting through things, including finding a job and unpacking (still). This blog’ll probably slow down, for a while at least.

It’s Bloomsday though! I’m trying Ulysses again this year… it didn’t go well last summer, but I’ve prepped a little more this time around. Photo 258I’m fresh off of reading Dubliners (perfectly timed for my plane rides, oddly), and since I made the expedition through the first 150 pages of Ulysses itself last summer, I feel like I can get further this time around.

The Austin library system is all checked out of Ulysses, so I bought a used copy.

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