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I’m published again in the week 8 issue of the Cooper Point Journal. I’m running for the Geoduck Union for next year – it’s currently our student government, though we’re trying to change it into a primarily organizing-focused group.

I believe the new proposed Geoduck Student Union constitution provides a system that can enable more art, physical recreation, music, events, lectures, awareness, and information to be readily available on Evergreen campuses and learning communities, and I agree that we need a new union that can do that. (check for the proposed constitution and more) Here’s how I want to get there:

The next year needs to be a year of transition to this new structure as efficiently, openly, and transparently as we students can organize! I propose that the GSU’s priorities need to be centered around these values, and that we can get there with some simple initiatives:

– Get A Better Blog: The Geoduck Student Union can, and should, be held accountable to its members, the students! To that end, enforcing a simple update scheme can make accessing info very easy, at or Info to be accessed could include weekly minutes and agendas for GSU meetings, major initiatives and platforms of the GSU and the greater student body of TESC, and essays from students and Union Stewards outlining in detail proposals (similar to this article)!

– Student Outreach: Join a club! Getting involved in campus life shouldn’t be hard, especially since we’re already living it. Our organizations can reflect that, by finding connections and ways to collaborate for events, talks, dances, and projects. I propose that the GSU can help spearhead this effort, by facilitating a simple “Student Group Affiliation” process with the GSU that can promote, support, and uphold student interests in all forms, as outlined in our new (hopefully) constitution! Monthly meetings between coordinators, sustained discussion with our S&A board and the Greener Organization… Wouldn’t it be nice to see public art, music, sports, and drama in an even greater variety through Evergreen?

– Campus Outreach: Students aren’t alone at Evergreen, and our discussions aren’t either. The GSU can reach out for help from all Campus Services, and should stay in contact with important communication and organization-oriented services in Student Academic Support Services (SASS). Let us find our roles as students as members of a larger community.

– Behind-the-Scenes: The coming year will obviously need some restructuring, to prep the GSU for an Action Committee, an anti-oppression Empowered Students Panel, GSU newsletters, and more. The Geoduck Student Union should begin drafting examples of Independent Learning Contracts for the Action Committee (because student organizing can be a learning experience), and setting the scope of our proposed organizations. We also need input! Because when the GSU sets the agenda, it allows the students to set the agenda, which allows you specifically to set it. What do you want to see? How do you want student organizations to function at TESC?

These are just my ideas. I would love to hear from others about my proposals, but moreover I want to hear their ideas. Please make your voices heard, whether it’s as brief as a two-line email to a GSU rep, or as large as becoming a student group coordinator.

And there’s another easy way you can make your voice heard – at the polls! If you’d like to see the changes I’m promoting and others, please vote for Trevor Van Dyke, and more importantly, vote for a new constitution for all us Geoducks.

Remember that elections don’t solve problems though. When you vote, it’s only the beginning of what you can do to make Evergreen the school you want to go to. This is your school, don’t let myself or anyone else take that away from you. I’ll see you at the next student activity!


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