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Cultivating Voice – Written Reflections, Week 7

To help encourage conversation, and the habit of writing, my course on tutoring in the Writing Center has weekly reflections to share every week. I realized that this might be something worth sharing on this blog: it relays my experiences and thoughts about events in my life, which I suppose is the focus of this blog currently.

This isn’t due until next Monday (we meet weekly for two hours), but I’ll try to get this up while the class is still fresh on my mind. A note: this is a draft for the course, and will be addressing its audience as such.

Last week’s exercise was surprising for me for a rather unexpected reason – I didn’t directly participate! I felt glued to my chair during some parts, even if I had an idea for how to “intervene” on the tutor session. It was becoming more interesting to watch than participate, like watching a train wreck happen in front of you (which doesn’t bode well if I could avert a train wreck at some point).

Why my inability to act? I think I was concerned with the judgment of others; the exercise in question was designed specifically to provide a critique of effective tutoring strategies and tactics. Was I worried about presenting myself in that light? Most likely, yes. It threw into question my confidence in my ability to “tutor” effectively. After all, how long have I been doing collaborative discussion-based work?…

This is how I realized that most of my interactions can be a variation on “discussion-based work”, from my writing and reading, to waving “hi” at someone walking by. When we apply the words “tutor session” to a discussion, maybe we’re only giving it a context, a place and shape in which we can honestly present ourselves in the eyes of others, scary as that can be.

molting bird tucked in
a breasted burgeoning nest of
wire and bramble. seeds tumbled
below into

thick soil. “Dam up this
river!” he screams

“I never knew I cared until
I came by
here this time.”

she spoke.


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