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Cultivating Voice – Written Reflections, Week 6

To help encourage conversation, and the habit of writing, my course on tutoring in the Writing Center has weekly reflections to share every week. I realized that this might be something worth sharing on this blog: it relays my experiences and thoughts about events in my life, which I suppose is the focus of this blog currently.

This isn’t due until next Monday (we meet weekly for two hours), but I’ll try to get this up while the class is still fresh on my mind. A note: this is a draft for the course, and will be addressing its audience as such.

For various reasons, I ended up having three WC sessions this week. One was for the requirements for class, I needed to shadow somebody. Lily and I shadowed on Friday – but it turned into a rather unorthodox session. We “talked about talking” for the hour-long appointment, about the need to engage in conversation. What I gained from that discussion applies to more than a tutor session though – in the past few days, I’ve noticed every interaction needs conversation. I didn’t realize how much more connected I could feel by reaching out and talking, not just to my close friends, but to everyone I knew.

I started to reach out more by just waving more often – if I knew them, from class, from a concert, from anything, I tried to wave. If they were close by, then drawing them into a conversation seemed like a much more natural option than it had been in a while. I know talking to “strangers” isn’t that odd a thing for me, but for some reason it’s been to present myself to those who’re general acquaintances. No more! I’m resolving to say hi, to engage in conversation, and to make friends – most people are more interesting than I believe, sometimes.

This is sounding snotty, and I don’t mean for it to come across as that. I feel more friendly, and I want to reach out to more folks – maybe if I let out more of myself, I’ll see more of them.


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