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Flaming Mango & Not Entirely Sure

My friends (all of Flaming Mango) had a concert with some of their friends (Not Entirely Sure) tonight, and I’m glad I got to go! It was a fun little night of ska, and I got to dance for quite some time. Fortunately, I took some time out to take some lo-res photos with my phone, and a large amount of time afterwards to fix ’em up for public viewing.


Flaming Mango members (left to right) Charlie, Noah, and Jeb


Some lo-res skanking with a friend right-center this blog is familiar with: C!

The concert took place in our Housing Community Center (HCC) on campus, and I’m happy it went well for everyone involved.


Part of Not Entirely Sure, and their dancing fans

What’s frustrating is the number of people who you might see not dancing at this. It’s ska, get up and enjoy yourself! And boy howdy, was the ska fun. Flaming Mango has gone through a few incarnations now, but this time around found them as an all instrumental affair. The horns took the lead tonight, and gave their set a jazzier feel, as saxophonist Jason soloed over some tunes I knew. It was a fresh breath, and as danceable as ever. I was surprised how well some of the songs translated to vocal-less arrangements – the song “Robots” shouldn’t work as well as it does, I still think.

Flaming Mango’s Myspace


Left to right: Ryan, Jason, Jeb, and Cameron

I hadn’t heard Not Entirely Sure before. They’re from Puyallup, and a blast to hear and hang around with. If you’re looking for the pulse of third-wave ska in 2009, it’s beating in places like Puyallup. Support your local musicians!

Not Entirely Sure’s Myspace


Not Entirely Sure’s Dakota, Matt, and Luke (Aaron’s hidden on the drums)

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3 Responses

  1. Your father says:

    Puyallup, Land of Ska

  2. Mom says:

    Great band names. Flaming Mango would also work well for a cat.

  3. Flaming Mango says:

    …a cat…hmm…

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