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Portland Day 8 – Trip Home

Poor D had to wake up earlier than he had since we had to catch a train to get to Portland… Before leaving, C’s family saw us off with a trip to the New Deal cafe, for scrumptious oatmeal and fruit. It’s been a nice week in Portland, and C’s family is a blast.

The train went well! Not a whole lot to mention about the travel beyond that I got to read some more Infinite Jest; it’s a trip home. Another bus ride from the station to Olympia got D and I into town to run a few errands and have some food, which we found at a gourmet burger joint. The unfortunate part is, I can’t remember the name! So if anyone knows the name of the grill at 4th and Columbia in Olympia, please post it in the comments. Nice milkshakes, too.

The good ol’ 41 bus got us to Evergreen. It’s nice to be home.

This should wrap up my Portland trip, obviously. I don’t think I feel a need to do an overview post on the trip, the travel diary should more than suffice in terms of my egomaniacal self-reflection quota for quite a while. I’m not even sure what to do with this blog now! I’m sure the frequency of posts is going to drop, but I intend to keep it up – running essays by an audience, any audience, is usually better than myself. It helps me if I make things coherent enough for publication, essentially.

So thanks, you guinea pig readers! Most of you have known me too long to back out of reading this now, so it’ll be a wild ride for all of us from here on in.


The loveliest reason that I’ll be posting less. Sorry folks, but I’ll post again at some point!

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3 Responses

  1. carfossil says:

    It’s the Cascadia Grill, my friends told me. It opened up recently, but I know several folks who’ve been there in the past few days.

  2. John Garcia says:

    Feels good to be a guinea pig reader, always looking forward to future entries. It was a great trip and I didn’t even have to attend to know that. Yes, I am speaking highly of your writing technique for the purpose of encouragement to write more. It’s my not reverse psychology method of support! Good trip journals, my friend!

  3. Kelsey Sholund says:

    Nice writing, now I want a blog too! And it is the Cascadia Grill. It used to be Plenty’s, but they just reopened. And their milkshakes are amazing (even if they are $6)! We should go sometime!

    and I hate you for posting that pic! bahaha

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