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Portland Day 7

Today has been very quiet. I got around at about 8, and did my usual shower/read/eat dance for a couple of hours. I’m going to try and keep ahead in my class reading by getting ahead, so I brought along a book that we need the introductory section read from by the end of next week. They Say/I Say is a book that suggests templates for laying out arguments in academic writing. It’s nice to read, in that affirms my views on writing as a conversational tool and the interconnectedness of contradictory modes of thought… but it’s a bit of a pat on the ass. I dunno if I’m the “active reader” they claim already understands some rules of engagement in intellectual writing, but this book currently seems downright basic. Maybe it’s because I’ve only finished the first portion which covers the use summarization and quotation to frame your own argument (as I’ve been trying to do here), but I hardly need templates to do this; it’s just how an argument works effectively.

Basically, I’m confused if this is slightly patronizing or not. It’s intended for “helping student writers actually ‘enter a conversation about ideas'”, but what do I do if I feel like I’m in the discussion already? I agree with the book’s major points, so there’s not much point to following the argument in it, and so I’m at a loss as to how to engage the book, beyond some minor quibbles about their own rhetorical uses and instructional methods. This is especially unfortunate if I truly do have to write passage journals.

After staying confused about this, I had lunch. Leftover chicken tetrazini is delicious!

My friends still hadn’t awakened, so I gamed around on the Xbox to kill some time. Around 1:00 C was up, and had little idea of what to do around Portland today. And so, I’ve spent the afternoon preemptively working on homework (passage journals), and watching as C and B proceed through several games. We’re having pizza for dinner later, and then hopefully we’ll be able to watch Play It Again, Sam. It’s the first of the Allen/Keaton collaborations, which I still think is his most imaginative and funny period as a filmmaker. I’m excited!

Today, being mainly focused in the kitchen and upstair areas of C’s home, haven’t really featured many photo ops. Sorry!

I head back tomorrow, and will probably do a wrap-up post at the dorms in the evening about the trip! Talk to y’all soon.



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