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Portland Day 5

In a sequence of events that was easily foreseen, my mornings here have become routine. Wake up, read, check mail (find out about my friends’ spring breaks!), shower, breakfast, and Wii Fit fill up the hours before my friends arise. Today though it was thrown off, with the Wiimotes running out of batteries. I ended up reading more, and toying around a little on the Xbox B (C’s brother) brought with him. I also started in on the Orwell essay I posted this afternoon.

After C got around, we headed out to pick up another Xbox controller for some multiplayer fun later. We went over to the Hawthorne district; I was proud of myself for knowing the routes to it, I’m getting to know this town! C snagged a controller and some cheap games, we headed off for some bagels.


Noah’s, a small pastry and bagel store in the Hawthorne district.

Noah’s was pleasant; their main offer is a bagel “and shmear”. One toasted whole wheat sesame bagel with strawberry cream cheese and strawberry-banana juice later, we were back to the buses. Y’see, the day wasn’t all that busy: this was the only outing until dinner.

We retreated back to C’s lair for the afternoon. I finished my brainstorm essay on Orwell, and the two Xbox controllers were put to their obvious use. As C’s family had been planning, we went to Kenny and Zuke’s for dinner!


The menu to a delicious New York style Jewish deli.

K & Z began as a neighborhood deli, C’s family informed us, and they’ve been patrons since that time. The deli has grown since, and is now located downtown and has many, many wonderful aromas. Their soda list is larger than their beer list, and their meat list is… well, they don’t even really have a veggie list.

It’s delicious! I had a Bulldog root beer, and (it was Fried-Chicken Wednesday) a three-piece with smashed potatoes and grilled asparagus. Think butter, fat and salt, and you’d be right on for the overall experience. For dessert (somehow we all talked ourselves into dessert) I had a chocolate walnut brownie, moist, fresh, and just thick enough.

Now, we’re back at the house, relaxing as always. We’re beginning to make our way through the rented movies from yesterday, starting with The Host. I’ve seen it before, so I’m also blogging! It’s a fun movie inspired by Godzilla (amongst many other things), where a family hunts for their daughter/niece they suspect to still be alive in the sewers after a monster attack. The absurdity makes the adventure tongue-in-cheek, and it’s wonderful! It’s strange to rewatch with an English dub; I saw this the first time in its original Korean w/ subtitles, and it’s odd to see my favorite Korean actress, Bae Du-na with an American voiceover. If you haven’t seen her before, I recommend The Host and Linda Linda Linda (it’s a Japanese film, she plays the Korean exchange student who becomes the lead singer in a rock band).

Tomorrow I should be heading off to the museums, and I’m sure I’ll report whatever happens!


Noah’s cinnamon twists. I saw these only after ordering, unfortunately.

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2 Responses

  1. plexreticle says:

    Portland used to have a kick ass punk scene.

  2. garce78 says:

    Ah, it feels good to be back in the loop. Your trip sounds awesome. Mine consisted of me learning my way around a single streamlined, three laned road in Plano. Don’t get me wrong it was fun being with my brother, but that was about all I really did aside from sit around and play games. I’m loving the blog.

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