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Portland Day 4

Another relaxing morning, and 1984 “done” (I’m considering writing a small reflection on this blog about it so that I can gather some thoughts to refer to on the day of discussion in class, which is more than a week away still), and I was able to invest some reading time in Infinite Jest, my current pleasure/literature read. It’s very enjoyable, I’m about 275 pages in… and I’m not gonna describe the plot, because there’s too many! My bright reading future sank a little when I found a new update to my new class’s website about note-taking related to reading. The day after I finish the book, I find out that I’m to have what’s tantamount to a passage journal on it to “discover a way to interact with the text as you are reading it“, in order to critically read a text. I understand the intent behind this, but… I just finished the book! Darnit.

There was also more Wii Fit to be had (my exercise routine while here/time-killer as D slumbers in the mornin’), which held less surprises and laid out no new academic challenges (admittedly, I’ve done passage journals since freshman year of high school, so they’re hardly new and are rather inundated with my “critical” reading already(what reading shouldn’t be critical? (I suspect McCallum’s English Department is feeling oddly satisfied as I’m writing this))).

But! The tourism of the day hasn’t begun yet, and so I’ll nudge this into a travel narrative now.


We’ll skip the buses over to where we’ve been headin’. Unfortunately, we managed to do that for one of them on our way to our destination (more on that in a moment), so we spent a spot of time further up Hawthorne St. than we were expecting. We ended up going into Jackpot Records for a minute, and picking up the new Decemberists album. The 14 bus showed up soon afterwords, and we were off to Burgerville!

Burgerville is, and let me set this statement up with the fact that I agree it seems oxymoronic, a sustainability-oriented fast-food organic chain in the Northwest that buys local to its area, yet whose fries resemble and taste like that of McDonald’s, and burger Shortstop’s. C’s best friend A works there; it was nice to meet her!

We walked through a part of Hawthorne district uphill before a very full C suggested we take a bus. And here are the photos!



A bus later we were at the Avalon Theatre & Arcade – for the arcade portion! It’s a nickel arcade, so it was dirt cheap to have an hour and a half of good clean fun killing zombies galore (I was trying to play around on the odder games they had before D and C roped me in to helping them play through House of the Dead 4. Skee ball was resultantly angry with us for the afternoon, but C made up with it afterwards.


We met up with M and his friend (we met M for donuts Sunday night) at the arcade, and headed from there to C\’s fav video rental store, Movie Madness. A fun place, but I still prefer Vulcan Video! We rented Play It Again, Sam, Barton Fink, and The Host. A pickup by C’s gracious father brought us back to the house in time for dinner, and for C’s brother B to come home! Pulled barbecue brisket (cooked in the crock pot during the day) sandwiches for dinner, yum. After a bit, we dashed to The Hollywood Theatre (thank you C’s mom (because C doesn’t have a driver’s license, I’ve discovered more about Portland’s public transportation in a few day’s time than almost any other town I’ve been to, and also how to clean up a backseat in under a minute for seating capacities) where they had an evening performance of a wonderfully hilarious film: Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow. Much of the movie seems more influenced by slapstick than kung fu. It’s a Marx Brothers ballet, with a triumphant hero narrative thrown in for good measure. Very well done, very, very funny.


And that brings us up to date! I’m having a wonderful trip, and I’m surprised, excited, and regretful that it’s already halfway done. K’s birthday is at the end of the week though, and I’m very glad our schedule’s work so that she’ll be at Evergreen for it! The rest of the week might be rather relaxed (C mentioned in a rather paniced manner after the film that “she didn’t know what else to do with us” this week), but I’d like to see some museums, like the OMSI, and/or the Portland Art Museum. Also, we now have some more movies to watch… 🙂


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  1. Mom says:

    Favorite line from “Play It Again, Sam”: You have the most eyes I’ve ever seen.

    Keep having fun.
    Love Mom

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