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Portland Day 3

A quieter day, overall.


E in Holladay Park. The photo’s misleading, it was rainy, wet and cold!

I awoke in the morning to face the daunting task I had put off from an overextended night of donuts and friends the night before – summarizing the busier half of a busy day for you, my blog audience (blaudience?)! Nevertheless, I think I succeeded in being succint, and it led well into a breakfast of Raisin Bran, showering, and a round of quiet Wii Fit. If you’ve never had to mute a video game to do yoga exercises without waking a friend in the same room… well, I suppose that’s not exactly normal on my part!

We met C after her personal morning activities at Holladay Park in front of the Lloyd Center mall. I had some time, while freezing (though bundled up) and waiting, so I took some photos of a set of three sculptures by Ted Savinar.


The three pieces are collectively titled “Constellation”





D waiting with statue

Taking the MAX (bullet train, Metropolitan Area Express, Redline, etc.) during this trip has been interesting. The only analogy I can think of in my experience is the subway, but this isn’t that. An underground always exist in something of a separate world, whereas here the tracks follow the major streets, and, if one is so inclined, you can visually see yourself overtake the train on a highway, or ride alongside it. It’s a constant drawing out of the subway from its catacombs to its city, and I think Portland benefits as a result. I’ve encountered more public art along the lines than anywhere else in the town so far, and that is certainly a positive force. Take, for example, this work:


Gary Halvorson, Oregon State Archives

This work is intriguing to me on a number of levels, and seems to make a powerful statement about present-day America, and more. Yet, it’s overlooked everywhere I’ve been online! I can’t find a discussion about it, or even a name for it! The casualness with which art is encountered here is exciting and… kind of a letdown. I’d hope that a light rail through a town would bring more emphasis and attention to large sculptures or installations like this, not producing a sort of aesthetical “tolerance” where some pieces can be overlooked. Because that’s the exact situation everyone else is already in, they’re just imbued with less murals, sculptures and pieces to tickle the imagination! Why let these potent works flash by in a drive or a train ride? Alas, my lack of knowledge of Portland is still coming to bite me here.

I’ve included this meditation because the next few hours of the day involved a large amount of transport, and becoming lost. Unpleasant, long, and cold overall. But I had a PB&J waffle for lunch, before we bused once again to drop off E at the Amtrak station so she could return to Evergreen. Another bus ride later, D, C, and I were all quite tired and ready for some time to not be lost, cold, or riding in some vehicle. Back at C’s house we helped out with making some fresh biscuits, and sat down for a meal of cheesy veggie soup and bread! I realized that today is the first day in quite a long time where I haven’t consumed some sort of meat, and it’s perfectly alright. C had a friend over (another C), who’s a pleasant guy. He went to Guatemala the past summer, and can’t eat bread (but can grow a beard).

The evening has not led to many other adventures, but instead I stuck around the home and finished 1984. More on that tomorrow, as I digest its rather depressing final turns. The day turned out much nicer than the early misadventures suggested though! I’m excited to see where this city takes me in the next few days, and 1984’s piqued my interest even more in my upcoming classes for spring quarter!


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