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Portland Day 2

Today began with a lazy morning. I’m an early riser, especially compared with some friends, and I spent a few hours reading more of 1984. I’ve come to the abduction sequence in it – the book is terrifying in that I see the design of its government less as intentional and malicious, and more as evolutionary, and at its beginnings, well-intentioned to some involved.

We headed out on a bullet train towards downtown Portland around noon. I’ve never used a light rail before (Austin’s big chance came and went), and it was an interesting perspective of the city.

silver man

“Silver Man” setting up on a street corner, as seen by train.

The street performers, the bridges, the industrial nature… I’m excited about seeing more this week, though there was plenty to delve into today.


Cheese fries and mocha at The Roxy

We walked for a ways from our stop, taking in the sensations. The tantalizing  buttery aroma of a basement bakery, the cold, satisfying damp of the postrain sidewalk, and the sleek new sight of decaying buildings (more on the architecture later today). Lunch was taken in at our impromptu tour guide and all-around wonderful host’s (that’s her on the right, E on the left) favorite restaurant: The Roxy.


  • Six slices of french toast
  • Two eggs (over easy)
  • 4 strips of FRESH bacon
  • A pint (yes, a pint) of RC Cola

A good place, with a better jukebox, but it was nothing compared to what was to come.

powell's outside

Powell’s Books, from a street corner outside

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One Response

  1. Mom says:

    Sounds like your kind of breakfast/lunch…with RC to boot!

    Can just imagine what is in the later post, seeing where this one ended.

    Love, Mom

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