a blog so you can keep with him

I haven’t any idea what I’m doing.

So clearly I’m not keeping quite up with this, regardless of my free time. I fell ill this week, but still, this is kinda lacking in updates, features, content, or anything even I find particularly interesting.

So, to figure out the main problems (I think there are 5), I’ll list ’em.

1) I’m not committing enough time to this.

2) I keep not mentioning this to other folk.

3) I don’t like writing about myself? Questionable.

4) Blogging’s a silly activity I’m not taking seriously enough.

and, of course, number 5, our post title.



What’s to be done about this? Why, a post series describing how I can overcome these, one by one! I’ll resultantly educate myself slightly about blogging, email a link to this blog to folks, post more (thereby motivating myself), and hopefully find broader things to blog about than how I can’t blog!


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