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A stab at posting

With the goal of updating in mind, here is what has been my day, in a nutshell:

  • Homework – We’ve been reading Sex & Temperament, by Margaret Mead √
  • Homework – Physics problems! √
  • Homework – Draft of a short essay (which might appear in this blog! √
  • Create an online profile for an in-class group √

I have free time on my hands daily, even on these sorts of homework-oriented days. Usually, I’ll just read, or browse more online. I’m a big comics fan, and I also enjoy the game Go quite a bit, but sometimes you run into other opportunities… I spent part of today reading some (many) of Cory Doctorow’s essays for Locus Magazine, conveniently archived. He’s a fairly inspiring author for me, I’ve been willing to try Linux, computer programming, writing a short story, valuing open source mentalities, and much more due to Cory’s work. Hence, this blog idea! This article has nothing to do with, well, anything concerning me, but it’s motivated me to do this blog.

I’m not sure if I’m going to share this with anyone yet. I’m not sure if this’ll be at all interesting in pursuing for even a while. But it’s very neat right now!


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